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Grinder for Superhard Materials
Grinding machine which capable to grind wafer of resistant materials(SiC,LT,GaN,AL2O3)which high speed ,high accuracy

Support Non-Contact grinding. Best function for grinding the laminated thin wafer etc
High rigidity configuration
Working time is shortened remarkably by the structure considering the improvement of work efficiency.
Selectable 3 process mode
Dramatic improvement on TTV
※Non-contact grinding is an option
가공 범위 φ100 ~ φ 200 (4,6,8inch)  (厚み)thickness 100μm ~ 999μm
지석 사이즈 Select from size φ200、φ300
지석 회전수 MAX 3000RPM
Work Table  Vacuum chuck
장치 치수 *1셀 W 3000mm × D 1400mm × H 2400mm
장치중량 *1셀 약 7000kg
옵션 grinding lubricant circulating system 

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.