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Productvity Enhancement
- Increase cutting available up to 500mm

High Accurarcy Cutting
- High Rigidity Body·Hight Rigidity Spindle Mechanism
- Work Rocking·Vibration Mechanism in Takatori's own way
- A steady supply of slurry·Precision temperature Control Mechanism

Workability Enhancement.
- To easily detach Work Roller (resucing the exchang time)
- Long life Work Roller, PUlleys Total 6 pcs.(cutdown of consumable parts)
- Big screen control panel (Simple Operation)

Max work size Ø150 X 500 mm
Work Eoller Out.dia.×effective length×axes Ø250mm X 500mm X 2Axes
Center to center distance between spindles 490mm
Work table up-and-down stroke 220mm
Work table speed 0.1 ~ 999.9 mm/H
Wire speed 1,500 m/min
Applicable wire diameter(Core wire) (Core Wire)130㎛ ~ 180㎛
Wire reel wind-up capacity 30(Wire diameter)Ø0.25[Core wireØ0.18])km
Machine Dimensions (W X H X L) 1,870mm X 2,48mm0 X 3,490mm
Machine Weight 11,000kg

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice